Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Secret Pal 10 Competition

Oh! A competition! Who could resist?!
Well, to answer the SP10 competition questions set by Bobbi, our wonderful SP10 group organiser person:
1. How old were you when you learned to knit? & 2. Who taught you?
I think I was about 6 or 7 (does this sound right, Mum?). I learned to embroider around this age, from my Nan. I loved embroidery - I would embroider these little printed doileys, and she would crochet lace edgings for them. My memory is that mum taught me to knit. She could knit, and knitted various things for us. At one stage I even remember a spinning wheel being in the house, although I am not sure about that! Anyway, I think she taught me to knit. I remember it being difficult, much more difficult than embroidery, so I preferred that for many years. I needed mum's help to cast on, to help me get started again every time I picked it up after a break, and help to cast off. Really, I could just knit and purl (interestingly, I have always liked knitting more than purling). I made squares. Not squares for a rug or anything, but squares. I think they were dolls blankets, or doll house blankets if I got bored very quickly. Some turned into cat blankets, as I didn't have that many dolls and wasn't really interested in them. I don't remember what the cats did with them! I do remember they were often stripey, due to the scrap knitting nature of things.
For all of this time I have old memories of wool, some of which was from unfinished objects, some of which is still in my mum's cupboards. Horrible, scratchy, seventies coloured wool. I also remember knitted bikinis, thanks to my other grandmother. I seem to remember those being in the same colour as the dreaded balaclava (also scratchy). Seems surprising I returned to knitting at all really!
Anyway, thats my answer, and I stand by it. I think.


Bobbi said...

Thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry i am late in reading your blogs as it has been a very demanding time for me also with my mum being ill an consequently dying then the absolute opposite emotions or are they perhaps similar?? (i will explore that thought one day}, my second grand son was born on the day of mum's funeral 80 mins after the burial atually.!! I digress, yes i taught you to knit and the cats benefitted for some years ubtil the scarves arrived. They were more like knitted rope but finally some lovely garments resulted. You are right in remembering the spinning wheel but that fad passed me by quite rapidly. Thanks for the beautiful socks my darling they will be just perfect with winter coming on in Tasmania. M