Monday, April 09, 2007

Sunshine, Lollypops & Rainbows......

Sunshine aplenty for the last four days and I am feeling grand! Amazing what a little light therapy can do for the stress levels. After a horrible week of workplace stress and disorganisation, a few days in sunny Bristol have sure done the trick. We made sure we have had Easter Monday at home though, to thoroughly catch up on things and get un-house-stressed as well. I am determined that this week will be better!

Anyway, the garden is looking wonderfully rambling, and there are all sorts of delights popping up hither and thither....

These are seeds we are growing in a beautifully home-made glass case on top of our shed. Turns out the seeds love it! They are getting ready to live up the road in our new allotment...there is rocket, cos lettuce, cherry tomato, basil, two types of parsley and runner beans all trying to germinate in there! Hopefully this will be for planting out round one (for an early harvest), followed by planting out round two and maybe even seeds in the ground later on?! Growing stuff in England turns out to be a whole lot harder than growing stuff in the antipodes! But still fun.

There is knitting to show I is all still gift knitting though. But very soon some of the gifts will be shipped off, which means I can almost post! Betchya can't wait!

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