Saturday, July 07, 2007

A competition...

So, as previously warned, to celebrate that 1000 hits have been registered to my humble little blog, I give you....a competition! This seems to be blog etiquette, so here goes...
If you ever read my SP10 questionnaire, you will know that at the time I completed it, I said that I didn't really have a stash. If you don't have a stash, and you think you might like one, I suggest joining in SP11 - somehow I now have a stash! It is fantastic, only my brain hasn't adjusted and I still seem to want to buy yarn specifically for projects, rather than working with what I have. Ah well.
So, the competition is this: If you can guess how many different yarns I have, you could win a little treat! Nothing huge, but something. I haven't decided yet, but I promise it will be something knitty and maybe also tasty. If you aren't a knitty reader, I reckon I could go tasty only (I know there are a few of you!).
Now, by different yarns I will include (a) different brands of yarn and (b) different colours of yarn, but not individual balls (cause some are bits and some are not wound from hanks). So, for example, I have two colours of some German wool that I lost the label from (2 balls of one colour and 1 of another) - this would count as two.
Suddenly this is sounding much more complex than intended! ANyway, if you want to play, just leave a comment and your guess. Closest guess wins, and if there are two or more that picked, then I will get Simon to draw a name out of a hat (he has a good hat for this kind of thing).
Happy 1000 hits! I really enjoy writing this blog, and it is nice to get comments and hear that people read it.

PS: Oops, forgot to say until when...lets say, next Saturday 14th.


Chris said...

Um, 42. :)

If you'd like, I can mention your contest on my blog Monday - let me know!

Anne said...

Hmm.. I think you now have.. 27 different types of yarn in your stash!

And happy 1000 hits! Isn't it fun when you see others are coming to visit? :D