Friday, July 06, 2007

Weekend memories...

Well, I had intended to blog what we did on the weekend, and suddenly its I'll do it anyway!
Saturday we went into London for the day, and saw some theatre (Cats Eye at the Kings Head theatre- it was ok) and caught up with Bennie, Simon's friend. We went to the Borough markets which are excellent and about 99.9% food and booze! Shame I ate too much for lunch and didn't want to eat anything, but we did get some good parmesan. Highly recommended (get off at London Bridge station, but go the right way - we didn't). We had dinner at our fave korean place in Soho, had a few drinks (if you could get to the bar thanks to the London Pride rally!) and slept home on the bus! Lovely, but it rained all day! I am really glad we went - I was a bit uncertain after events on Thursday, but it was well worth it.
Sunday we had a 'home day', putting up with the rain again, but we bottled our homemade cider (even before secondary ferment it tasted good! I'll keep you posted), I made a carrot cake due to left over cream cheese (meant to take a photo but is all gone!), a batch of onion jam (picture below) which turned out ok I think (first attempt and copying the ingredients from the jar that we bought at a fete about a year ago!), and I almost finished knitting a gift! I promise more on this soon...
So anyway, very productive. We dug our first spuds from the allotment yesterday - some stuff is doing well, but lots of things look like they would love a day or two of sunshine (including me!) Anyway, I am preparing for my next post to be pretty big - I will have had 1000 hits to the site! I know, nothing flash for most folks but any excuse for a celebration here!
In the meantime, check out Esmerelda's blog - she has some cool NZ sites listed there. And have you all seen Brooklyn Tweed's latest creation? I am completely in love with it!

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