Sunday, July 22, 2007

Treats! More Treats!

Look - a final parcel from my great unsecret pal, Carol:

My camera really can't handle the yarn - the bit that looks blue is a deep electric violet colour, and the muddy colour here is a purpley brown. The yarn is amazing - I have no idea what it will knit up like! Thanks Carol - you have been such a great Secret Pal!
Also, a new WIP - I am getting good at having more than one thing on the go at once (especially little things!), although I feel the need to get a larger project on the needles.....

1 comment:

carol said...

so happy that you got that last parcel! and that there was little something to make you happy :) About that yarn. maybe you should try that Mystery Stole 3 thing? I just started that and it's quite easy, but really beautiful, lace project! Here is the link (long one, sorry):