Sunday, December 16, 2007


Despite the fact that I am meant to be knitting a cardy for me, and if I was a more generous person would be knitting more Christmas gifts, I have knitted an Anemoi mitten. I love these, and have done since I first saw the pattern. The cardy is going along nicely, but there is a large amount of stocking stitch and I am nervous of getting bored. I figure if I can do one piece per week, and intersperse that with a weeks worth of other knitting, then I mightn't tire of it too much. And so far it is working!
So this weeks knitting:
The colour choices might not be the best for bringing out the swirly pattern, but I love the colours in the Colinette Jitterbug Castagna, and these really are my kind of mittens! The pattern is there, but subtle, and kind of reminds me of woodsmoke drifting around. And, (I think) the colourway is kind of sophisticated, and definately something I would wear. I really loved knitting them, although I am not going to start the partner glove until I have finished the other front to the cardy.
I learned how to do a tubular cast on (Italian style), and learned that despite having done a fair bit of stranded knitting before, I am hopeless at using two colours frequently - I still don't have a great technique for holding both yarns and getting ok tension (which is why the first parts of this glove are less even than the later parts), but I am getting there.
Given the lack of sunshine when I am anywhere near the camera, I decided to get a shot as soon as there was a glimmer of sun today, so they aren't quite done and haven't been blocked and jiggled around yet, so the tension is still a bit uneven. But I do love that corrugated rib!

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