Sunday, December 23, 2007

Last weekend...

I know. It was last weekend, and now it is already this weekend. But in the Christmas spirit, lets just pretend I had got around to this earlier....
Last weekend, as well as the usual knitting, there was much other stuff made in our house - here is just a little sample:
Elderflower wine
A consolidation of S's hobby - he swears that the goal is to put something in all these bottles but I am not so sure. In the meantime, I pretend it is some kind of installation art thing. You can still see the last stronghold of books & papers...not for long, I fear.
Bread. I am getting better (slowly)
Dinner - my version of fish & chips! It looked better when the fish was cooked, but I was too busy by then! My kitchen looks like something from the dark ages in this pic (I guess it kinda is).
And just to continue the time-lag theme, here is a picture from the weekend before! This is a brilliant place called The Apple, in Bristol. It is a boat (see the porthole?) which is why it is so blurry & dark, and it only serves cider. Not just any cider, but the best cider I have ever tasted. Except I was designated driver (see my water there!) so I only had a taste of other peoples. Now I need to go back -without a car! So - cool venue and fabulous cider - I reckon if you are ever in Bristol you really should check it out.

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