Tuesday, December 18, 2007

UK Swap

Well, I had planned to join the next SP swap, after having a little break but very much enjoying SP10 earlier in the year, but they are having a rest from hosting SP. Instead, I think I might join the UK swap - is not as prolonged as SP, and that might be a good thing for me - I feel perpetually flummoxed by the amount of stuff I seem to have to do. Despite this I seem to want to keep signing up to new things. Who knows why, clearly I am just mad.
So, UK Swap - basically, its for anyone who lives in the UK. It looks cool. You should join in. Also, you should go to their website and make a comment that I sent you - I could win a prize! Which is the important thing, really. Anyway, check it out - sign-ups open on Jan 7th.
On non-promotional topics, I took a heap of pics of all the things we made/were making on the weekend - I promise to post them soon.

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