Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Oops - I even knew that this was on its way, but still I forgot - blogiversary was 23rd November! As it was so close to the old 100 posts thing, I think it took a bit of a back seat. And as it took me forever to get to the postbox to post out prizes, I'm not going to do anything to celebrate. Other than pat myself on the back for still doing this a year after. This would seem like a prime opportunity to be all reflective on the good blogging life, but you know what? I think I have said it all before. Except that it is always such a wonderful thing to meet great people through such interesting means! And that I agree with Anne, that whilst Ravelry is fantastic, and changed the way I look for new patterns, the blog is still what I come back to.
So in celebration - some knitting! The small hat is for a work friends premie baby, who is a few weeks old now (despite not yet reaching his due birth date), and the larger one is for another work friend whose baby will hopefully be fairly large in the head region (for my sake, not hers!). Or maybe it would be nicer to hope that he has a rapid growth spurt after his birth! Anyway, fun to knit.
Small hat: Kind of a Waffle Hat, knit in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.
Larger hat: My improvised hat pattern, again in the old DBBC. Quick and easy!


esmerelda said...

Ah, the old DBBC, I know it well (also, wouldn't that be the perfect telly channel? Get rid of all the kiddie rubbish and just have Debbie and other kniterati doing techniques, showcasing new yarns... They should have made me the new Controller of the Beeb!)

Anyway, congratulations, my dear, on a year of good blogging! Here's to the next one :)

Anne said...

Happy Blogiversary!! And those hats are just gorgeous! I have issues with hats, so I think they're especially nice :D

Turtle said...

I received your beautiful shawl pin today! I love it so much! And knowing your dad made it makes it more precious! (i so appreciate hand made items) I will put it to good use, thank you both!