Thursday, January 17, 2008

Gift knitting

So, one of the Christmas gifts I knitted finally reached its destination a week or two ago, and photos have been sent of said object in use! So....voila!

Boyfriend socks, but for my dad (so really, father socks).

Nice legs, eh!

They looked absolutely enormous but my mum swore and declared that they matched her secret measurements (by which I mean measurements that she had sneakily made of shoes, socks & feet! How you make a sneaky measurement of a foot I have no idea).
So they seem like a good knit, a good gift and well received! Score one.

I really enjoyed knitting this pattern - it was interesting but not complicated, I finally finally did decent short-row heels, have definately got the hang of figure eight cast on, and learned how to do a sewn bindoff. Yarn was Hjerte Sock 4 superwash in colour 7770 (I think). Olive green, anyway. Lovely stuff - a gift from the wonderful Tikrimari. And there is heaps left over! The other thing I learned was not to knit socks for my father anymore. And never ever knit socks for my brother. As much as I love them, their feet are toooooo long. The point where the leg is as long as the foot is just stupid. And look how short they look on his actual legs! So I am saving my bloke sock mojo for the horrible plain black socks that my beloved will tolerate. Ho hum. Actually, I think that probably means more socks for me.......just in the interests of keeping me interested, you understand!

I did finish something this week - a big something! But it needs a block. So hopefully the sun will come out for two seconds on the weekend, & I can post pics!

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Claudia said...

Oh yay! I'm glad they fit! They look great - you did an awesome job with them. I am knitting a pair for Tim's size 11 feet now and it's kiiiilllliiiing me how slowly they are going, so I share your pain. And, yes, your pop does have nice legs ;)