Sunday, January 27, 2008

UK Swap Weekly Comp 2

Mitten progress made this week, but only limited due to the amount of time spent on public transport due to the 'person' who drilled a hole in our petrol tank, and the resultant issues with incorrect parts etc. Anyway, despite almost exhausted interested in the project, they are progressing, and I am still on track to complete by my deadline

This weekend, I had a bit of sewing fun, thanks to Drago(knit)fly's instructions. Look! (yes, thats actually sunshine)
They turned out great. The pink flowery one is for a friend - you can see the scarf that is also for this friend inside - worked out perfectly sized. The lining you probably saw on an earlier post as a skirt for me. The flower version of the leaf colourway was meant to be a trim for the skirt, but it was a bit much. The other bag is for me - a bit girly, but material I had to hand. I think it is for keeping dpns and cable needles in. If I were making more (and I might) I would use a heavier weight interfacing, as they are a little 'unstructured' for me. The flowery one I made first, and uses the 'thirds' proportion when sewing the triangles (you need to see the instructions to understand!), but the second one I sewed closer to the edge of the fabric - it turned a square bag into a rectangular bag. I think I prefer the rectangular.

Also, this weekend, my answers for this weeks question for the UK Swap: Do you subscribe to any magazines (knitting or otherwise)? Or do you prefer to purchase magazines at the newstand? Do you subscribe online to any knitting magazines/newsletters? What does a knitting magazine need to have to catch your fancy and get you to fork out that well-earned cash?

I am not a knitting magazine person - I think mostly because we move fairly often and tend to have small houses that don't accommodate large collections of things. This is also why I have a fairly modest stash. Last year, I acquired three knitting magazines - one was a gift through Secret Pal swap - Interweave knits. I am not a huge fan, although I know many are. Really, there is only one pair of socks in there that I would knit. I also bought a copy of Jo Sharp's Knit Issue 3, which I love, and am knitting things from (and having things knit from for me!) I also bought a copy of Rowan 42, which was intended as part of a gift, but turned out to be a bit big to go shipping across the world. So it has stayed with me, and I love it (although again not sure if I will knit anything from it). I guess I am a sucker for high quality production values! I reckon I would be more likely to subscribe if it looked gorgeous and had lots of things I might knit...but then I think of all the patterns online that I want to knit, and I decide yet again that electronic versions take up so much less space that I don't really need magazines. Maybe.

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