Wednesday, February 06, 2008

mmmm....NDS yarn

A completely dull and useless post to say how much I LOVE my new socks. I think they are possibly the prettiest socks in the entire history of the world (its hyperbole Tuesday, if you haven't noticed). They are Hedera, in Natural Dyes Studio Mirage yarn, and they are delicious. However, I am nervous they are a little big...I am down to 2mm needles, and they still look a bit loose on the calf, so its possible they might be gifted. Or ripped. Or tolerated despite baginess. But I still love them.
Photos to come (as soon as there is sunshine. And I am home in the day time).

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Anonymous said...

Not dull or useless, but the best post in the entire world (maybe not, but wanted to continue the theme of hyperbole). I am, however, so with you on the photos thing - this 9-5 lark sucks when the sun is only out 7.45-4.30!

Claudia xx