Tuesday, February 12, 2008

UK Swap Topic 4

Inspired title. Goes with the inspired blog layout - its horrible, I know, but I just can't seem to find time to get the whole thing organised and looking a bit nicer. Also, I always have trouble putting nice pics in the title bit. Anyway, no promises, but hopefully it will look prettier soon. Back to UK Swap Topic 4: I know this isn't knitting related, but I thought I'd ask you to share your favourite Valentine's Day memory, or your current plans for this year. Just to share some love. :)
I am not a bit Valentines person, and neither has any boyfriend I have ever had. I think I have got a few cards, and maybe even some flowers or chocolate at some time. S & I are big nonbelievers, so we are highly unlikely to do anything! But my brother and sister-in-law got married on Valentines day a few years ago, which is my favourite memory of the day. It was a gorgeous, chilled out beach wedding, and was lots of fun and very romantic.
Anyway, there is sunshine outside my window again today - its almost too good to be true!


Anonymous said...

On the blog front - swap to Wordpress! Much easier to navigate!

Hasn't the weather been glorious? I hope it stays this good for the weekend. I'm a definite yes to meet up, although T might be working. Shall I text you to arrange when & where?

esmerelda x

Secret UK Swap Pal said...

The weather was perfect! It's been the perfect amount of cold with sunshine!

Glad to hear you have a good Feb.14 memory!

Anonymous said...

My best Valentine's day memory is the same as yours. Mxxx