Monday, June 15, 2009

Call me Ishbel...

A bit of catch-up knitting:
For mothers day (the Australian version!), I made my mum Ishbel, from Ysolda's Whimsical Little Knits. I have knit very little lace in the past, but I thought this looked lovely and I had some great yarn that I thought would work nicely. And it did.

This is my mum's Ishbel, knit in St Ives sock yarn (maybe this is Heather? I can't remember, but the names are beautiful). The pattern is lovely - after a few false starts, I worked out what I needed to be doing and it all fell into place. I actually think this project might be without error, which is unusual for me! The central stockingette panel makes it very quick, and the lace pattern is easy to read from the previous row. The yarn was great - I thought it might be a bit scratchy, but after just one wash & block it softened up beautifully. And although you can't see it here, it has a lovely heathery colour, with blues and some lovely purply flecks.
I haven't blocked lace before, and I didn't do very well on the points, but it is a revelatory process! This looks really cute worn as a scarf, the points kind of sit around your neck very prettily. I think there's one due on the needles for me this coming winter....and maybe a matching beret too!
Anyway, I hope mum likes it as much as I liked knitting it :)
Time to go bath baby boy and enjoy the last bit of evening sunshine....
(PS. I also really like this new scarf from Ysolda too! Beautiful).


2paw said...

Isbbel is just beautiful. What a wonderful gift!!

Anonymous said...

Yes my darling your mum does love it, especially as it comes with love knitted in.