Sunday, June 28, 2009

UK Ravelry Day the first (1)

Somewhat after the fact:
I went to UK Ravelry day in Coventry with my friends Caroline and Katie a few weekends ago. It was a rainy old day but I had a fantastic time - it was a lovely, friendly, interesting occasion. The first thing I did was some shopping (my afternoon was pretty full with other events so I got in early, but more on those later). So - the haul!
Jamieson & Smith 2-ply jumper weight in lovely pinky-grey. Enough to make a smallish jumper/vest or something.
Jamieson & Smith sampler pack of Shetland - there was more cream, but I've already spun that up (although my plying was a bit terrible). The plan is to try & spin it up in a consistent weight so I can do a wee bit of colourwork with it. Might be a pretty lofty dream...!
Old Maiden Aunt black Shetland and blue tussah silk. Gorgeous gorgeous stuff - saving this for when I am a better spinner :) This photo does not do it justice - go see Jared Flood's website for better pictures (in a different colourway).
Old Maiden Aunt Massam wool in Storm & Sky colourway. Beeeeautiful. I'm starting to get the hang of imagining what dyed fibre might look like as yarn, but this is so much more subtle and gorgeous than I expected. I am very proud!
And this is my new drop spindle, from Kevin at Whorl drop spindles. Its made of Tambootie elm, which rolls of the tongue about as easily as this things spins.
Oh, by the way - I've started spinning :)


katieh said...

i love how you snuck that in at the end. ;)

(that spindle spinning is lovely!)

Claudia said...

Ha! Me too - "oh, in case you hadn't noticed..." I think you're doing a wonderful job of the spinning, C, and don't worry about the Shetland sampler. Knitting with handspun seem to even it out a bit, so just go for it!