Monday, June 08, 2009

I'm back, baby...

......hopefully! I have been busy, as you may have guessed.
First, last November, something wonderful finished, and at the same time something so so so much better started:
Which has been fantastic. Its a serious work-in-progress, we are currently up to here:
which is pretty great.
I still haven't decided whether he will feature in this blog in pictorial form, so these might be the only pics you see. Or I might not be able to control my maternal pride :)
There has been much knitting, sewing, cooking, baking of cakes, and general craftiness. I might retrospectively blog about some of it, for I am pretty proud of some things. Having been at home with bubs for the last few months has given me headspace to think about such things more, and I feel like I have really made some progress technically with knitting. And I have taken up spinning (on a drop spindle) over the last few weeks. And I went to Ravelry day yesterday, and came back with a great haul of stuff, a love for my fellow knitter and a brain full of knit facts from the most ace Jared Flood (aka Brooklyn Tweed), who took a workshop I attended in the afternoon. So more on all that to follow!
If you are reading this, thanks for sticking around! Hopefully it won't be quite so long between posts again :)


katieh said...

\o/ Yay! You're back blogging!

Now bring on the trousers and shoes! ;)

Claudia said...

Weeeeeee! Welcome back, lovely! I owe you a big email, but please forgive me if it takes a while longer - exams start tomorrow. Two things: am v v v v v v jealous about your gorgeous dumpling of boyhood; and am also slightly less jealous, but still envious that you got to meet il BrooklynTweedo!