Sunday, December 10, 2006


As hinted at before, I have further progressed on my plan of persuading Simon that knitting is a worthwhile activity. First there was the Pirates hat (see previous blog), and then there was the Far-Fetching Fingerless Gloves! Now, these were finished a while ago, but haven't been photographed due to lack of light & opportunity. But, we had a quiet saturday and while the light was still pretty shoddy (& thus the pictures aren't great) I was sick of waiting! So...
These came up because I made a pair of Fetching Fingerless Gloves for my Nan (they are on the other blog). Simon decided that while they looked very girly in baby blue, they may form the basis for something that he was looking for - a garment to connect up his gloves & his sleeves when cycling. Due to the long arms & the leaning forward on the bike, Simon reckons his wrists are always cold, & given that he will be cycling almost all winter, I felt a little sorry for him. So these were designed to be hard-wearing, warm & long, as well as resistant to falling down! So, I used some left-over undyed NZ wool for the main part, and some Dale Hauk for the hands, as it is Teflon coated & thus water resistant. Contrary to initial plans, these are now intended to go over a pair of thin wool gloves & under his jacket sleeve. In the end, I just used the Fetching pattern almost intact, with extra cables down the arm length to try and make it tight enough not to slip down. Simon's arms aren't particularly big, so I thought that just using slightly larger needles witht he existing number of stitches would be fine - and it was. I also made the thumb a bit longer, added an extra cable around the knuckles so it was a little tighter, & did a super chunky picot edge to bloke it up a bit more (you can't see this very well in the pics sorry!). So, a very successful project which has further confirmed my theory that knitting is useful. Now he has a million ideas for snazzy things I can knit him!
Unfortunately, there is still the odd mistake, but I do quite like the little black bits at the top, which Simon thought were going to be fiddly, but I think it links the hands in with the rest of the glove more.

Far-Fetching Fingerless Gloves

Pattern: Extended and brutalised Fetching Fingerless Gloves

Yarn: Undyed NZ wool (sorry, the label has long-since disappeared) and Dale Hauk in Black

Apparently they go well with beer.

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Anonymous said...

An amazing piece of anatomical woollen sculpture!! Maureen