Saturday, December 16, 2006


Slowly slowly, winter is creeping in. Apparently it has been the warmest everything here since records began, so we really haven't seen much to date. Which is fine, generally, but seems also to have affected Europe, so we were worried about the lack of snow for our Christmas Ski Extravaganza - but finally it is snowing! Looks to be more man-made than actual snow to date, and after all this worrying it will probably snow so much while we are there that we won't get onto the slopes, but it at least looks like we will be able to ski a bit, even if nothing else happens! Yay!

Which means that all this knitting is not for naught! My pack is getting filled with hand knit jumpers, socks, scarves & gloves - it is lovely! The Rowan Tapestry scarf is nearly done - will post soon, probably will get finished on Monday or Tuesday. The new wool has the post depot! Will go to pick it up tomorrow - it is Rowan Felted Tweed in Watery - am hoping that my screen represents the colour ok! Always a bit nerve racking buying yarn without having been able to touch/smell/feel/see it in person. But being Rowan it is probably gorgeous. It is for a vest pattern by Fable knits - I have one (shop bought) vest, which turns out to be great for work over here so I thought i could do with another.
Also, anyone with any interest in knitting (Mum, this means you!) should check out the See Eunny Knit website if you don't already know it... astonishingly gorgeous stuff! One day....!!!

(Also, I love this pic! I know it looks a bit plain, but it has a really neuronal, organic look to it!Maybe it needs to be bigger to get this effect...anyway, I stand by my selection! Taken on a walk in the Chilterns the other weekend).

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Anonymous said...

YES see Ennuy knit is just wonderful, i willtry something simple with the mohiar i got in Stockholm xxmum