Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Moving Memories

So we are packing up again! After about 10 months in our apartment we are heading now to Oxford, seeking brighter lights and more doings. Life here has been great - it was the perfect easing in to a new country - not too busy, town not too big, quiet house full of stuff, no need to have to rush out & buy things that you forgot you need in life - bottle openers, matches, shoes. But now everything is back into boxes (thank goodness we had a spare room to keep the old boxes in!) but this time moving in a van.

It makes our time here in the UK feel already very long - the memories of accepting the job, resigning from the old job, packing the house, having wisdom teeth pulled - it feels so long ago. And all the people feel so far away. Particularly at Christmas - I have never been one much for Christmas, and have spent Christmases away from family before. But I think that England is much more traditional in the way that Christmas is spent, and everyone seems to be so much more family and friend oriented at this time that it reminds you of all the things you left behind. It also makes me determined that our new house, our new town and our next move will be the one where, having settled into our jobs & our life, we make friends, meet people, and live life a bit more. Despite the cold, we both have to get out there and do more things where we meet folks. So my early new years resolution is to meet new people and hopefully new friends.

I don't tend to post this kind of stuff on my blog, but I am hoping that with the public announcement will come some extra motivation in the form of peer pressure!

On a different matter, I have knitted a Fetching Fingerless glove on my new needles! Having never knitted with anything other than metal or plastic needles before, they are lovely! I am totally convinced. Initially, my tension was all over the place (not helped by teh fact that I had inadvertantly bought Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK, not Aran!) but after ripping it out & starting again (by the way, much easier to do with this yarn than with the Rowan Tapestry!) and reducing the stitches, I have one good looking glove. And the needles are warm and light as air in my hands, I don't seem to get aching hands as I do with metal, I love the sound they make, they smell good, and the stitches don't fall off (actually, they even need coaxing along sometimes). The tension issue resolved very quickly too. They are great. Except you can't put them in your mouth cause they taste nasty. I know this is a dirty habit anyway, but what habits aren't? Also, check out new yarn! Rowan Felted Tweed in watery - photo is actually pretty good representation of the colour although a little lighter in the sun (yes, there was sun the other day!).

I would be keen to hear any other NY resolutions that folks have - might help me keep to mine a bit more?! It is all a bit scary, this big new world stuff, but thats why I am here, right? Right!

PS it is winter here now. Car said 0 degrees at 10am, and 1 degree at 3pm. Brrrr.

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