Monday, February 26, 2007

Baby Fever

With a new niece/nephew on the way, plus some friends in the baby way, baby stuff seems to be on my mind...I have decided to knit a baby blanket for the new family member, as they live in the hottest of hot hot deserts in Australia (think an average of 45 degrees C in summer!) and so woollen clothes are not really an option. But everyone needs blankets, even just for snuggling. So blanket it is - I will keep you up to date. So far the only decision is green & cream Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.
But in my blog-reading time, I keep finding ever cuter baby stuff! So here are a few things that I just have to share - Mum, these are especially for you!
Baby Shedir: this is just too cute! It is a baby-ised version of the adult Shedir from Knitty, which is also gorgeous.
More baby versions of adult knits.. the Cardigan for Merry, which Amy has beautifully re-designed from Kate Gilbert's A Cardigan for Arwen, which is divine (and on my list!).
Also, I looked at this from Hello Yarns and thought 'pah!', but then had to look twice (and thrice!) thanks to Brooklyn Tweed, who made a kickarse version (see his blog dated 13th Feb).
Also, just to feel inspired and humble, check out his February Baby Sweater (blog date 19 Feb) - the man is a Knit God. I want his Urban Aran Cardigan too. Hmmmmm. Lots of knitting to do.

On a different topic - food! Made Caramelised Onion & Parsnip soup on Friday - it is great! Great! Simon liked it and he doesn't even like parsnip. So basically, just slow cook some onions & garlic in a little olive oil & brown sugar - a heavy pan helps with this. After a while, chuck in some chopped parsnip & a cup of white wine. Let this cook with the lid on, then top up with stock & puree once cooked. I reckon you could leave the wine & use stock from the start, then stir in a little sherry at the end...? Is very very good.
Just put a batch of preserved lemon in the cupboard, cause we are about to finish off the last of the previous batch, to have with some whole trout tonight...mmmmm. But right now there are Anzacs to bake!
I really should go for a run.

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