Thursday, February 22, 2007

new stuff...

Here is the yarn that Simon's mum sent me for Christmas - sorry about the drab background, but it was snowing the day I tried to take the pic and the light was terrible! The colour is about right though....

As you can see it is Paton's Jet wool & alpaca blend.

Also, a non-knitting craft finished object or cushion covers! The ones in the house we are renting were a bit nasty, and while these are not to my normal taste, they do suit the house & the curtains - and they are kind of velour-ey and cuddly! Not brilliantly made but sufficient for a house that we are not putting heaps of effort into. You can't see the backs as I have to go & buy buttons on the weekend to fasten them! But the fronts look ok.

Also - another craft! Wood splitting! great for the stress release! Although it is a great shot of the nasty end of the garden! That junk isn't all ours I promise!!

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