Thursday, February 08, 2007


Terrible title. Sorry.
Well, just an update on the dreaded vest. I ended up removing the ribbing around the neckline (almost all of it anyway) & basting it on where it looked good, then sewing back on & voila! It is fixed. So much panic for naught. The stitching isn't as neat as the basting makes it way harder (who would have thought) but at least it is wearable. It is now sitting on the table waiting for a wash & block. Given that I am working from home today due to snow (!) this will probably happen at lunchtime. Yay!
Now...for that next project! I have some sock yarn - might do some toe-up socks? I really wanna start Anemoi mittens but need new needles...maybe order them today. & Simon's mum sent late Xmas presents which arrived yesterday - I got yarn! Lovely Patons Jet wool & alpaca blend in a beautiful dusky pink. There were two parcels, and first I thought I got 3 balls - but turns out I got 5! So thinking maybe a shrug would be good...been looking at them for a while as my trashy black one bought for not much in Ireland is falling apart. ANd they are very handy. Hmmmm.....
Maybe socks first.

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